Engineering Construction Industry Productivity Improvement Committee (EPIC)

Following the ECIA Conference ‘Exploring Productive Performance' held in October 2011, the Association's Best Practice Committee was reconstituted as The ‘ECIA Productivity Improvement Committee' (EPIC) - now the Association's standing committee on productivity improvement.

Chaired by Mike Wilkins of Morgan Sindall, EPIC's objectives are to:

  1. Identify the barriers to delivering successful project and R&M work in the ECI
  2. Establish and disseminate best practice to overcome and mitigate barriers to productivity
  3. Benchmark performance and measure improvement

EPIC commissioned an independent report to identify the key barriers to productivity in the Engineering Construction Industry and from it identified areas on which to focus. This report 'Barriers to Productive Performance' can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

In terms of addressing objectives 1 and 2, Working Groups are established to consider barriers to productivity within a specific, identified scope. The culmination of their work is a Best Practice Guide which is endorsed by EPIC, prior to publication.

In terms of addressing objective 3, a KPI database has been designed and commissioned (see section ‘KPI Database').

Clients and trades unions representatives are invited to join ECIA members on these working groups.

Members are encouraged to review the guides and use them, as appropriate, in the context of their business. Members are also encouraged to sign up to the Best Practice in Engineering Construction Charter.


[+] EPIC Summary flyer of first 6 guides

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2 page document providing summary to first 6 guides

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