CCNSG training: cap on course fees

In 2016 ECITB carried out research on behalf of the CCNSG Committee into fees charged by approved training providers for CCNSG training courses. This revealed a wide variety. For instance fees for the 2 day course ranged from around £80 to around £280.
In light of this the CCNSG Committee decided that there should be a cap on the fees providers are permitted to charge for CCNSG training courses. From 1 July 2017 these caps will be;
·        2 day CCNSG core training course                   £150.00 plus VAT
·        1 day CCNSG renewal course                          £110.00 plus VAT
·        1 day leading a team safely course                  £120.00 plus VAT
These prices are inclusive of the £25.00 course registration fee.
These price caps are not  ‘recommended retail prices’.  They are the maximum fee that a training provider may charge.
Competition between approved training providers has long generated varying fees across different providers. ECITB and CCNSG encourage and expect that such competition between training providers will continue and  result in a range of fees below and up to the cap.
The maximum fee does not include additional travel and accommodation expenses that a provider may have to cover, for instance if he delivers a training course at a site rather than at his own premises. This is a matter for agreement between the providers and their customers, but in ECITB/CCNSG briefing to providers on the new arrangements, it states that such expenses should only be recovered from clients on a cost value basis.
CCNSG recognises the need, in due course, to review the impact of these changes. However, until such review is completed and adjustments decided, if any, maximum permissible course fees will remain as set out above.
Sometimes a ‘broker’ acts as a facilitating contact between CCNSG customers and CCNSG training providers. In such cases the training provider is not permitted to pass on any brokerage charge to the customer.
So in summary, from 1 July the charge to customers for a CCNSG training course is up to £150, or up to £110, or up to £120, plus VAT, plus any legitimate additional expenses – and nothing more.
We hope this is useful. If there is anything that you would like to discuss further please contact at Broadway House.


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