CCNSG test only renewal

Many ECIA members will already be aware that CCNSG is developing a test only option for renewing CCNSG cards. In due course (probably early 2017) the option to renew on a test only basis will run alongside the option to renew by taking the test along with attendance at the one day renewal course.
As part of the development process a pilot scheme is being run in ECITB’s North East Region. The attached notice from ECITB refers (click here). This is a pilot study designed to test the new test only arrangements in realistic circumstances. This is NOT full launch of the test only option on a national basis.
The CCNSG Committee is particularly anxious that allowing a test only renewal option is not perceived as a cheap and easy ‘dumbing down’ alternative to attending the one day renewal course. For this reason it has firmly decided that those who opt for the test only option and fail the test will be mandatorily required to attend the full two day course (rather than the one day renewal one) to renew their CCNSG status. In light of this ECIA is developing a set of questions and answers based on the CCNSG syllabus. Click here to access them in the ‘competence’ section of the SHE library (member access only). We offer these as a resource ECIA members may wish to use to help make the decision whether to use the test only or test and one day course option for CCNSG renewal. They cannot predict success or failure via the test only route, but should be helpful as a means of preparing for CCNSG renewal, whatever route is chosen.
The real CCNSG test is in a multiple choice format. The Q&As we have offered are not. This is because CCNSG is very sensitive to anything that looks like advance foresight of the actual CCNSG questions. Therefore we have used a different format. The topics covered by our format though, do reflect the nature of the CCNSG syllabus.
These questions and answers are not considered fully developed at this stage. The final versions may be amended prior to the full national implementation of the test only option, but we are not expecting that any changes will be very significant.
If there is anything that you would like to discuss in more detail, please contact Terry Woolmer at Broadway House.


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