CDM and productivity: New ECIA guidance

HSE have made it clear that their future strategies for construction will include a focus on the synergies between maximizing productivity and managing risk.

ECIA has completed a major initiative to clarify the principles of maximizing productivity in our industry. This initiative is called ‘EPIC'. In truth the principles underlying EPIC are the same as those contained in CDM. Both are all about projects where all involved

  • really are thinking about what they are going to do;
  • really are thinking about how they are going to do it; and
  • really are talking with each other; in order to
  • make sure everyone really understands what should be happening well before the work starts.

With this in mind ECIA has developed a new guidance resource. This resource identifies where and how the requirements of CDM fit into the frameworks for maximizing productivity identified by EPIC. For instance there are few things more guaranteed than late design changes to generate very expensive delay. At the same time they invariably introduce unplanned new risk when the time available to manage it is at its least

The guidance has been specifically written to connect with more senior decision makers who create the project environments in which both CDM and productivity success have to be delivered. It specifically does not set out to be a blow by blow detailed technical explanation of every individual CDM legal requirement. Instead it sets out to clarify what project planning and execution should be ‘feeling like' and what senior managers should be seeing, if risk and productivity management are being successfully integrated.

The feedback we have had so far suggests that these aims have been very successfully met.

The resource is available in electronic form to ECIA member companies in the members' area of our website. (Select ‘CDM' in the SHE library topic areas menu and then click on ‘CDM & productivity: interactive tool').

It is also available to non-members in a hard copy version via Amazon. Place an order via this link.


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