New Electromagnetic Field Regulations

New regulations (the Control of Magnetic Fields at Work Regulations 2016) came into force on July 1st. These have particular relevance to engineering construction because of the high profile of welding in our industry.

New ECIA guidance is available to members – click here to access it via the SHE guidance collection. It is called ‘Magnetic fields at work and welding’ and is contained in the ‘exposure to physical health risks’ section.

Key messages are:

  • HSE is very clear that, whilst all use of electricity generates electromagnetic fields, the associated risks vary from negligible to substantial. If the former these regulations require little if anything at all
  • Conventional site-based arc welding should not normally require anything other than continuing with well understood existing good practice
  • Some workshop activities eg heat induction or magnetic particle inspection can involve higher exposures and need to be considered more substantially
  • Particular attention is required with respect to those fitted with pacemakers and similar medical implants and we suggest occupational health professionals might be relevant here.

If members need to discuss in more detail, contact at Broadway House.


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