New CDM Regulations - ECIA Guidance

New CDM Regulations come into force in April 2015. ECIA has produced guidance on them which member companies can access by clicking here.

A number of key themes underpin what we say in the guidance:

  • DON’T PANIC – The requirements on contractors and principal contractors are essentially unchanged. The underlying principles of both the old and new CDMs are all about planning for and communicating about the risks involved in projects.  If you are already doing that effectively for the old CDM then, at most, the new CDM merely requires some ‘tweaking’ – not upheaval
  • Repair and maintenance projects can pose especially demanding CDM risk management challenges. Providing enough time and resources for both planning and execution is crucial – and  both clients and contractors need to recognize this in their agreements.
  • Unnecessary bureaucracy can be a positively bad thing when it obscures the priorities. New Regulations are an opportunity to bear down on it. Our  guidance suggests that it can be reduced if duty holders aim more at justifying how the paperwork and procedures enhance management of the actual risk, rather than at merely describing what they are. It offers more detailed advice in this respect on ‘competence’ and documentation such as method statements.
  • Allowing enough time is important. ‘Enough’ means giving and getting sufficient time to really think properly about what work  is proposed and  how it can be done, before anyone starts doing it. Those appointing others should  be able to justify how they think the time they have allowed is enough
  • A new role of Principal Designer replaces the CDM Coordinator. In our view this change does not present any significant challenge for organisations and projects where meaningful thinking and communication about what is going to be built and how already prevails
  • CDM is all about creating teams genuinely committed to effective planning and communication. CDM’s agenda is health and safety, but its underlying management principles are the same as those required for commercial success. We believe that the sort of dialogue stimulated between project partners by CDM can only be beneficial for encouraging commercial success.

We hope our members find this useful and they should contact Terry Woolmer at Broadway House if there is anything that they would like to discuss in more detail.


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