HSE’s inspection agenda

New ECIA guidance explains HSE’s agenda for inspection in the engineering construction industry.

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HSE is well aware of the enhanced record of engineering construction compared to other construction sectors. Largely
because of this an understanding was reached between ECIA and HSE, that if ECIA set out what it considered ‘good’ to look like, HSE would use that as an engagement guide for their inspectors when they are looking at ECIA companies. That is what this guidance is for.

It is explicitly aimed towards senior management readers. This is because HSE have made it very clear that in their visits to ECIA member companies, they will be focusing on senior managers and speaking to them. If you are a senior manager the HSE inspector may well want to speak to you.

The guidance contains lots of ideas and suggestions for good practice. These are not mandatory requirements. They are illustrations of how underlying themes might be delivered. The point, when the inspector calls, is that managers are able to respond confidently and convincingly to demonstrate that the underlying themes are being positively acted on and delivered.


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