CCNSG changes: slow but sure

We previously reported on CCNSG’s decision to move to a test only format for renewal of existing passports. Those decisions remain unaltered.

It had been hoped that the necessary arrangements for fully implementing this change would be completed by Summer 2014. This has not proved possible. The new arrangements rely heavily on cooperation with third parties who operate the electronic testing platform which the new system will use. The contractual issues that need to be resolved with these organisations are much more complex and detailed than initially anticipated by ECITB. Whilst none of them are ‘showstoppers’, they do need to be dealt with before formal agreement can be signed off.

It is now expected that the new arrangements will be implemented in the last quarter of 2014.

ECIA is firmly of the view that it is more important to get the changes right than it is to get them early.

One of the issues identified during previous industry consultation was irritation that individuals who clearly possess sophisticated H&S credentials are nonetheless required to attend the full 2 day CCNSG basic training course to gain a CCNSG card. CCNSG has agreed that such people can be exempted from a mandatory requirement to attend approved training – but they would still need to pass the new test. So far CCNSG has agreed that those who hold NEBOSH General Certificate, NEBOSH Construction Certificate and IOSH Managing Safely would be appropriate for such exemption. They are considering a number of other qualifications and criteria.


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