HSE: Continuous HAV monitoring is NOT necessary

The Health and Safety Executive have recently published Q&A guidance on the need for monitoring of hand arm vibration exposure. This is an important issue for ECIA member companies where use of vibrating hand held equipment such as grinders is particularly widespread.
Click here to see a copy of the HSE brief.
The message is clear that continuous real time measurement of vibration levels whenever such equipment is being used is NOT necessary as a matter of law and is limited in its contribution to good or best practice risk management goals.
This does not mean to say that the need for measuring vibration levels can be discounted entirely. Some measurement from time to time is required in order to inform risk assessments that reflect real life conditions and to check that exposure limits are not being exceeded. Employers should be able to demonstrate that they have measuring strategies in place that fulfil those aims. But that is a different matter from applying continual measurement at all times when vibrating equipment is being used by all employees.


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