CCNSG passport ‘Foundation’ proposals: decision made

Over the past year, ECIA members have been well aware of proposals coming from some industry stakeholders for the introduction of a new format to add to the existing training and test initial issue and renewal of CCNSG safety passports. The basis of the proposals was for a test only route to gain a ‘Foundation’ CCNSG card.
These proposals have been consulted on by CCNSG with a wide range of industry stakeholders, including clients, contractors and unions. The consultation response was clear and consistent. There was:

  • Clear opposition to an additional Foundation test only format
  • Strong support, particularly from clients, for maintaining the existing 2 day training and test format for the core CCNSG qualification
  • A consistent appetite for a test only CCNSG card renewal procedure
  • Support for developing a more robust CCNSG test component

The CCNSG committee met in October and considered its response in light of these findings. They decided:

  • There will be no introduction of any additional Foundation card;
  • The training and testing model underlying initial issue of a CCNSG card will remain;
  • The test part of CCNSG will be made more robust and challenging;
  • New test procedures will take account of the need to balance rigour and flexibility;
  • Renewal will move to a test only format as the mandatory requirement; but
  • A renewal training/support package will be developed as an additional option for those who want it;
  • Those who fail the renewal test more than a certain number of times (which is yet to be decided) will be required to undergo the renewal training before a new CCNSG card can be issued.

ECIA members had previously expressed significant concerns about the implications of introducing a new, different and additional form of CCNSG. Many felt that this would create uncertainty and confusion between different CCNSG formats required by different people in different places – possibly making CCNSG part of a problem rather than the solution.

ECIA welcomes the clarity of the CCNSG decisions, not least in light of their origins in substantive consultation with industry users of the scheme. We hope that the changes can be introduced promptly and are confident that the response to clear messages from industry will help to safely secure CCNSG as a scheme that delivers what its users have said they need.


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