New regulatory 'appeal' panel

ECIA welcomes new panel: but don’t abuse it
Following the government's response to the Lofstedt review of health and safety legislation a new body has been established known as the 'Independent Regulatory Challenge Panel'. Its remit is to consider complaints from those who feel HSE inspector requirements have been wrong or disproportionate to the risks involved. Click here for more information on the HSE website.

This is not a part of the statutory court system. It is a less formal method for resolving disputes between regulator and regulated. ECIA welcomes this facility but we do advise that it is not something that should be used indiscriminately. Cases will not be heard by the panel unless  real attempts have been made beforehand to resolve the matter with the Inspector and/or their line management.

In addition users would be well advised to ensure they have appropriate evidence to support a clearly reasoned argument before approaching the panel. The panel is unlikely to look so well on matters which appear more like a 'whinge' rather than a carefully considered and substantial claim of injustice or unfairness.


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