RISE: some ideas

Here are some ideas of the sort of things that ECIA anticipates being included in the RISE: Best Practice Showcase on this website. They are not meant to be definitive. They certainly don’t cover all aspects of health and safety. All they are for is to provide a flavour of what is sought, to help member companies identify their own contributions.

  • A worker develops a tool to carry out a job more safely and the company rolls it out across the whole workforce.
  • A managing contractor sets up an explicit liaison system between designers and contractors and experiences zero delays due to late stage design decisions in a ‘fast track’ project.
  • Senior managers of a small company commit to and consistently deliver direct personal involvement in practical site inspection programmes.
  • A managing contractor provides for healthy eating options in the main canteen.
  • A company re-designs its head office layout to reduce slips and trips potential.
  • Lower noise levels is a main criteria for a company selecting new machinery for its fab shop.
  • A company identifies road hazards as the biggest risk for many of its staff and provides advanced driver training for high mileage individuals, offering it to others as well.
  • A new point of work risk assessment model generates real competition between different teams to achieve the highest standards.
  • Health and safety incentive schemes generate substantial financial contributions to a local charity.
  • Direct involvement of senior management in safety committee business that consistently delivers real ‘close out’ of all matters raised.
  • Explicit agreement between TU and employers before the work starts of H&S disciplinary standards and both sides consistently standing by them subsequently. Audits subsequently prove improved compliance and an incentive award is payable as a result.
  • Arrangements to capture as much information as possible on near misses and a consistent record of action taken from the lessons learned.
  • Behavioural safety approaches focussing on consistent attention to detail at practical worksites delivers exceptional housekeeping standards.
  • Detailed consultation with workforce identifies more comfortable PPE with the end result that users value it more and there is less wastage.
  • Toolbox talks reformatted stimulating a real two way dialogue rather than mere top down ‘messages from the management’.
  • Principle of toolbox talks extended to head office environment as well as on site.
  • Arrangements made with client to provide the same entitlement to the client’s occupational health facilities for contractor employees that are enjoyed by the client’s own workforce.
  • Organising timed delivery programme of materials to reduce need for double handling at laydown.
  • Specification of pre-fabrication to reduce need for work at height in site conditions.
  • Providing additional satellite hot drinks stations to reduce long journeys to central canteens during breaks.
  • Extensive use of web based conference call techniques to enable all relevant stakeholders to attend H&S planning meetings e.g. UK principal contractor speaking to US based designer about proposed late stage design changes.
  • Setting up a central intranet facility providing remote managers with H&S management resources e.g. employee training records, guidance materials , tool box talk topics.
  • Defining health and safety criteria equipment suppliers have to meet e.g. vibration level limits for hand held tools.
  • Including SMART health and safety objectives in staff appraisal reviews (including senior managers).
  • Clear and specific identification of allowances for health and safety expenditure in company budgets.
  • When selecting new equipment securing the views of the employees who will use it before deciding what to buy.

Having read all these ideas we hope you get the flavour of the sort of thing we hope to be able to show.

Engineering construction undeniably has a substantially better record than construction as a whole. This doesn’t happen by magic. It is because ECIA members know what good practice looks like and we know that it is frequently implemented.

So, you are more likely than not to be able to provide us with appropriate examples. Send them to us and we will make sure the world can see your commitment on our website. You have nothing to lose and much to gain if your contribution wins the RISE award.

Submitting best practice examples

Please click here for details of how to submit examples of best practice.

If you have any questions regarding RISE please contact Terry Woolmer by email terrywoolmer@ecia.co.uk or phone 020 7799 2000.


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