What is the RISE initiative?

RISE stands for Recognising Initiative in Safety Excellence. Through RISE, ECIA aims to:

  • Share best practice and lessons learned
  • Give members a simple way of publicly recording their achievements
  • Reward outstanding achievement

How does RISE work?

There are two elements: 1. this website where ECIA member companies can showcase their best practice and 2. annual awards for the most impressive examples.

1. On the website

  • All member companies are invited to send in as many examples as they like of good practice that they have delivered
  • All contributions will normally be posted on the website
  • Examples do not have to be limited to engineering construction site activities. For example, ones about offices, factory premises, road safety, healthy living etc will be just as welcome
If you think you have any good stories to tell about your health and safety performance then submit them to us and we will broadcast your achievements on this website.

2. The annual awards

Annual RISE awards will be presented at the ECIA Spring Ball. There will be a maximum of three annual awards. Two will be for ECIA member companies:
  • One for the best example of best practice from a major or managing contractor
  • One for the best example from any other member company
There will be another award presented to an individual who the judges feel has made an outstanding personal contribution to practical engineering construction safety.

What are the RISE award judges looking for?

ECIA’s SHE committee will judge the awards. Their decision will be a qualitative one drawing on their professional experience and expertise. They will judge the award; not measure it. They specifically do not want to dictate the topics you address. They positively seek variety. But they will be particularly interested in best practice examples from member companies that reflect:

  • Innovation
  • Genuine teamwork between managers and those managed
  • Leadership
  • Effective H&S planning before the work starts
  • Substantially more than mere compliance
  • Commitment to developing people

For the individual award they are looking in particular for stories that reflect:

  • Personal leadership
  • Determination to see through genuine delivery
  • An understanding of other peoples’ needs
  • Long term, sustained and consistent contribution

In all cases the SHE Committee’s decision will be full and final.

A few rules

  • We will only accept best practice examples that are submitted by employees of ECIA member companies
  • The examples must describe actions of ECIA member companies (rather than for instance those of their clients)
  • While we welcome all contributions there will be a ‘sanity check’ to exclude any that manifestly are not good practice. In such cases we will discuss it with the contributing company before any final decision
  • Individuals cannot nominate themselves for the individual award. Candidates for the individual award must be nominated by an employee of an ECIA member company on the nomination form (see website).
  • Best practice examples may refer to individual contributions, but if that contribution is to be entered for the individual RISE award a separate nomination must be made
  • Individuals do not have to be employees of an ECIA member company to be nominated for the award.

Submitting best practice examples

Please click here for examples in the RISE Best Practice Showcase and information on how to submit new ones.



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