‘National Safety Passport’

We have recently become aware of a new safety passport scheme known as the ‘National Safety Passport’. Here is a link to its website: http://www.nationalsafetypassport.com/
The essential feature of the scheme is that it is web based. On payment users are sent a digital package designed to be run on their own computer. The package contains a series of screen based training modules. Applicants are required to answer test questions which are marked by the scheme provider via an internet link. On completion of the training modules and satisfactory completion of the test questions the applicant is sent a ‘National Safety Passport’ card.
Marketing material for the scheme bears the logos of a number of engineering construction industry clients. The scheme has been discussed by client members at the CCNSG committee. They were of the view that they did not consider this National Safety Passport card to be a satisfactory alternative to a valid CCNSG passport, principally because:
· There is no approved tutor led training input subject to independent quality control procedures; and

· The tests are not carried out under ‘exam’ conditions.


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