NAECI supplement released

A new supplement to the main NAECI agreement has been released which deals with health and safety issues.

Much of the material will be familiar to readers as carrying over well established good practice standards. Previous detailed specifications that were in the old NAECI, such as the frequency of providing overalls, are also reproduced.

An important new development is a section that describes when it is and is not acceptable to cease work on health and safety grounds. The key to this is the presence of imminent risk of serious personal injury. This reflects the criteria for issue of prohibition notices by HSE inspectors.

The text also highlights the need for contingency arrangements to make sure that welfare facilities remain on stream. This does not mean that welfare facilities have to be duplicated. It is about arrangements being in hand to make sure they remain serviceable and can be brought back into service if they go wrong. For instance, lagging pipes to prevent freezing in the winter and arrangements in place to clear blockages speedily.

The full text can be downloaded from the NJC website.


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