Holiday Pay Scheme

The new Engineering Construction Industry Welfare and Holiday Scheme began operation from 6th October 2008 to provide holiday pay for the entitlement year commencing 5th January 2009.

The scheme allows participating employers to combine provision of holiday pay for eligible employees and NAECI welfare benefits



Key Points to note

  • Holiday pay funded through a centrally managed scheme such as this is not subject to employers' or employees' National Insurance Contributions. Based on average NAECI rates, participation could generate savings for your company of approximately £380 per employee per year;
  • Welplan is a long-established HMRC recognised provider of holiday pay schemes and has obtained HMRC approval for this new arrangement;
    Subject to the eligibility requirements set out in Appendix 1, the scheme is open to all employees engaged in construction operations, not just those under NAECI terms and conditions;
  • The scheme has been developed using feedback from the round of ECIA regional meetings held in July and on more detailed information from a small working group of interested employers.

Employer Administration Guide (see below)

Employer Participation Form (see below)

What to do next

To include your employees in the scheme, simply complete the Employer Participation Form and e-mail it to They will then register your scheme membership, notify you of your unique EC Scheme reference number and provide scheme documentation. If you have any other questions on the scheme, please call ECI Helpline on 0800 783 4188 or use the above e-mail address.



[+] Appendix 1 - Employee eligibility

click to download (40 Kb) Abstract: ECI Welfare and Holiday Scheme - EMPLOYEE ELIGIBILITY

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[+] ECI Welfare & Holiday scheme (Employer Adm. guide)

click to download (715 Kb) Abstract: Engineering Construction Industry Welfare and Holiday Scheme - EMPLOYER ADMINISTRATION GUIDE

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[+] Employer participation form

click to download (138 Kb) Abstract: Engineering Construction Industry Welfare and holiday scheme - EMPLOYER PARTICIPATION FORM

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