ECITB launches new joint CCNSG/ACE card arrangements

Sometime ago the ACE Industry Steering Group (ISG) identified the need for ACE cards to be renewed to maintain their credibility. The ISG agreed that ACE cards should require renewal every three years and that the criteria for renewal is possession by the ACE card holder of an up to date CCNSG passport.

ECITB has recently confirmed that from 1 April 2012, ACE card holders will be able to have their ACE card renewed automatically whenever they complete a full 2 day or 1 day CCNSG refresher course.
  • Click here to see ECITB’s communiqué

  • Click here to see what the new cards will look like.

  • Click here for more detailed information from an email sent to all ECIA member companies

This new arrangement means that:

  • There will be no requirement for employees to pay a fee for ACE card renewal, since the nominal administrative costs will be included in the price of CCNSG training arranged for by the employer

  • Both CCNSG and ACE cards are subject to three yearly renewal, so renewal dates for both ACE and CCNSG will subsequently fall on the same date which will be much simpler for everyone

  • Those entitled to both ACE and CCNSG will only need one card to deal with both issues rather than two.

ECIA welcomes these developments. It does away with a requirement for CCNSG employees to pay any form of fee which we know was not popular.

In addition proliferation of different card schemes poses significant administrative burdens on employers. These new ACE/CCNSG developments are a clear simplification of previous arrangements where two different paths have been merged into one.


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