ECIA Members Zone

To access this part of the website you will need to hold an ECIA membership. This option of the website forms part of the membership benefits.

The member zone holds an extensive selection of ECIA guidance and information on industrial relations and health and safety topics (including the 2000+ page ECIA SHE Manual).

How to go about getting access? Firstly you must have a valid ECIA subscription, then to login you will need (a) a Valid Email (b) Login & (c) Password. Items (b) & (c) can be obtained by requesting a login details, please supply your membership number and contact details and a return email will be sent validating your request, 24 hours later you will be able to access this section. Send your request to ECIA Web Login - Thank you.

Full access to this page is restricted to ECIA members only. Please click here to login.

If you would like more details on joining the ECIA, please see the Joining ECIA section of this website.


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